Financial Challenges for COVID-19 Long-Haulers: Consider Your Options with a Disability Lawyer

COVID-19 long-haulers face many challenges as they deal with the lingering effects of the virus. Months after the initial infection, hospitalizations, medical treatments, and therapy, leave many long-haulers unable to return to work due to limitations caused by COVID-19. 

Long-term disability insurance benefits and individual disability benefits may be available to help alleviate the financial strain of being out of work due to disability. However, disability insurance companies may look to avoid covering those insureds continuing to suffer from COVID-19 who are unable to return to work. Disability insurance and COVID-19 is essentially unexplored territory.

At Seltzer & Associates we understand our clients are facing much uncertainty and stress due to disability in the midst of the pandemic. Financial hardship and other challenges can follow severe illness and disability. With COVID-19 being relatively new, we are still learning the extent to which COVID-19 long-haulers suffer and remain limited by the disease. Your disability insurance benefits should be available to help you during this difficult time, and it should not be a torturous process to file a claim. Know your options for filing for disability insurance benefits. Let a Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer do the heavy lifting for you. 

Financial Challenges Linger for Long-Haulers

COVID-19 long-haulers face the physical and mental effects of COVID-19 long after the initial diagnosis. Unfortunately, financial challenges may also linger. Even with financial savings, health insurance, and other resources available during the pandemic, the financial strain of COVID-19 and disability may continue. Medical bills for hospital stays, laboratory testing and diagnostics, and follow-up monitoring may continue to arrive months after services are rendered. Each new bill can bring added anxiety. Continuing treatment for long-haulers including medication, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and counseling can be costly and contribute to the financial strain. 

Long-haulers suffer in many ways preventing them from returning to work, especially to intense, demanding careers in the medical field. Side effects include, but are not limited to confusion, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, weakness, limited mobility, depression, and anxiety. A Philadelphia COVID-19 disability lawyer can help overcome the complexities of a disability insurance claim for COVID-19 long-haulers.

Without being able to return to work, long-haulers face uncertainty when planning to meet basic needs. Expenses for housing, utilities, food, and transportation to medical appointments add up making your disability insurance benefits that much more important. Seltzer & Associates can help long-haulers with claims for long-term disability insurance benefits after COVID-19 exposure.

A Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Answer Your Questions 

COVID-19 has created a whole new environment. The medical field has undergone dramatic changes as providers and patients deal with new challenges. Similar changes have occurred in the insurance industry. If you have questions about COVID-19, disability insurance benefits, and the changes and challenges you face as a long-hauler, Seltzer & Associates is ready to answer your questions. We help clients nationwide with COVID-19 claims for disability insurance benefits. We can help you understand your options regarding long-term and individual disability insurance benefits.

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