Healthcare Workers Still Face the Effects of Covid-19

May 31, 2022 - COVID-19 by

Healthcare workers have been dealing with Covid-19 and its effects for years now. The uncertainty of treatment options for patients, shortage of medical supplies, and ever-changing Covid protocols have taken a toll on the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our healthcare providers. These effects can be severe enough to prevent the healthcare workers who have served us throughout the pandemic from continuing their medical careers. 

In times of uncertainty, disability insurance benefits can provide financial security to those unable to continue working due to disabling conditions. The effects of Covid have contributed to or caused many disabling conditions which are unfortunately widespread among the professionals of the medical community. If you are disabled and unable to work, you should pursue any available disability insurance benefits. Seltzer & Associates can help you make sense of your disability insurance policy and the regulations surrounding your claim.

Your disability insurance benefits should be available to you in your time of need. Sadly, insurance companies do not always approve disability insurance benefits for legitimate, compensable claims. If you have experienced a denial or termination of your disability insurance benefits, you should immediately discuss your claim with a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer. You can be sure that Seltzer & Associates will have your back throughout the disability insurance benefits claims process.

Mental Health Concerns for Healthcare Professionals

Mental health conditions have been stigmatized for far too long, preventing those suffering from pursuing the treatment they need. This is especially true in the medical community where medical professionals fear job loss, removal from practice, or revocation of medical licensing. The often intense nature of medical professions can strain mental health.

Our medical professionals need support to seek necessary treatment for mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and physical ailments that prevent them from working and maintaining medical careers. Seltzer & Associates supports the fight to remove the stigma of seeking treatment for mental health conditions. Your Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer will fight alongside you for your disability insurance benefits.

Covid-19 Effects on Mental Health of Medical Professionals

As we enter a new era post-pandemic, it can be easy to forget the immense pressure our medical community has faced. The stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of the early days of the pandemic still affect many in the medical community. This contributes to higher levels of depression, anxiety, substance use disorders and burnout. Some medical professionals suffer from PTSD due to the onset of the Covid pandemic. 

 Medical professionals risk their own health every day due to potential exposure to any number of infectious diseases. The unpredictability of Covid brought the stressors of the profession to new heights. Even today, as we learn more effective ways to treat Covid and lessen the severity of symptoms, new variants are discovered with new risks and side effects.  Our healthcare providers are routinely subjected to an evolving infectious disease.

Medical professionals suffering from disabling mental health conditions, especially due to Covid, should work with an experienced Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer to pursue any available disability insurance benefits.

Burnout Due to Covid Negatively Impacts the Medical Profession

Burnout due to Covid is rampant among medical providers. The sad reality is that as more medical professionals need to stop working due to physician burnout, the remaining workers are left to shoulder the balance of the workload. This further impacts patient care, as fewer medical providers are available and those that are available have at increased risk for severe stress and burnout. 

Burnout negatively impacts medical providers by: 

  • Decreasing job satisfaction and productivity, 
  • Affecting mood adversely, 
  • Increasing conflicts in the workplace, and 
  • Contributing to medical errors through ineffective communication, decreased focus and concentration. 

Burnout can also contribute to unhealthy coping mechanisms developing into addiction. Seeking appropriate care and treatment is critical for medical professionals in need of a leave of absence from work. Seltzer & Associates understands this and supports clients in their pursuit of the benefits they need.

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