Physician Burnout: Factors and Consequences

Physicians, surgeons and dentists have stressful, demanding careers. Caring for patients, maintaining a busy schedule, and balancing the demands of daily life can take a toll. When these stressors rise to an unmanageable level, burnout can occur. Physicians may become unable to practice medicine because of the mental and cognitive effects of burnout. Losses in income and added financial stress adds to the vicious cycle and pressures brought on by physician burnout. Fortunately, disability insurance policies can provide some much-needed financial relief during this difficult time. 

The approval of your claim for disability insurance benefits is essential when physician burnout prevents you from working, and you do not need to face the disability insurance process alone. A Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can guide you through the claims process and handle any issues that might arise with the insurance company. Seltzer & Associates is always ready to handle your case for disability benefits based on burnout.  

Research on Physician Burnout

The issue of physician burnout has become a prevalent research subject. Burnout has been a noted occurrence for years, though it has certainly been elevated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Occurrences of physician burnout may put patients at risk as afflicted physicians may be unable to meet the necessary standard of care for patients. Burnout can become severe enough to preclude physicians from maintaining work capacity. 

Symptoms of physician burnout that may prevent engagement in the medical field include loss of motivation, negative mood, withdrawal from responsibilities, fatigue, absence from work, physical aches and pains such as headaches and muscle aches, and change in sleep or appetite patterns. 

The American Medical Association takes physician burnout seriously and advocates for industry change to combat it. Change in the workplace can help all medical professionals, such as promoting healthy schedules for physicians and fostering positive working relationships among colleagues. Some suggestions for combating physician burnout outside the medical field include exercise, focusing on family relationships and friendships, pursuing non-medical interests or hobbies, and joining support groups.

Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorneys Care about Physicians 

We at Seltzer & Associates understand that your professional career demands much from you, and when you experience physician burnout, we are here to help. We are readily available to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits and how the effects of physician burnout have impeded your ability to practice medicine. 

Many do not understand the intricacies of physician burnout, and insurance companies may avoid recognizing it as a disabling condition. For this reason, if you are unable to work due to physical burnout, you need to consult with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney to discuss the circumstances surrounding your claim. You should not face the burden of battling an insurance company on your own. Just as you fight for your patients’ best interests, Seltzer & Associates will fight for you. 

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