High Salaries. Good Benefits. Do Disability Insurance Companies Target Medical Professionals?

Insurance companies are a business and seek ways to protect their profits. Unfortunately, for medical professionals, disability insurance companies at times target high-earning medical professionals for policy denials and terminations of disability insurance benefits due to the large monthly benefits the insurance company may be required to pay on these claims. 

At Seltzer & Associates, we protect our clients’ interests against aggressive disability insurance companies. We have experience securing disability insurance benefits for high-earning medical professionals from national insurance companies. Doctors who have been denied disability insurance benefits and deprived of financial security need to consult with a Philadelphia disability insurance appeals lawyer. Do not let your disability insurance benefits be unjustly kept from you and your family. Contact Seltzer & Associates immediately to discuss your disability insurance claim.

Working with Disability Insurance Companies 

Seltzer & Associates has a history of dealing with disability insurance companies on behalf of our clients to obtain disability insurance benefits. We utilize a variety of strategies to ensure our clients receive any and all disability insurance benefits to which they are entitled. We remain dedicated to working cooperatively with insurance companies nationwide, while ensuring our clients are treated with dignity and respect. 

Insurance companies may deny disability claims as a tactic because many insureds will give up pursuing a claim, and the savings goes to the insurance company. We may begin with an appeal of the denial or termination of disability benefits, but as necessary we will pursue other options such as mediation or filing a lawsuit against the insurance company for ERISA or insurance bad faith claims.  

Fighting Unfair Disability Insurance Policy Interpretations with a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Appeals Lawyer

Disability insurance policies contain many definitions and provisions that may be designed to restrict or limit your ability to obtain or maintain disability insurance benefits. Having a Philadelphia disability insurance appeals lawyer on your side can help you overcome any obstacles created by the insurance company.

One tactic that insurance companies use to deny medical professionals disability insurance claims is the Own Occupation vs. Any Occupation definition. Claims may be initially approved under the “own occupation” standard, however, this standard may convert to the more stringent “any occupation” definition after a fixed period of time. 

Another way insurance companies avoid liability for disability insurance claims by medical professionals is by finding the insured partially disabled versus totally disabled. We work to obtain disability insurance benefits for our clients in the face of attempts by any insurance company to protect its bottom line.

Insurance companies will also attempt to deny or terminate disability insurance benefits based on responses to requests for information, despite the insured’s efforts to provide timely and appropriate responses. Doctors have enough to deal with as they become their own healthcare advocates. Let a Philadelphia disability insurance appeals lawyer review your denial or termination of disability insurance benefits.   

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