Understanding Covid Brain Fog’s Impact on the Medical Community

Oct 17, 2022 - COVID-19 by

Covid brain fog is a misunderstood but significant lingering symptom of Covid. It is more than fatigue or exhaustion that long-haulers suffer from. Not much research was initially given to the disabling impairment of Covid brain fog, but as we learn more about long-hauler suffering and the lasting impact of this unprecedented disease, the severity of Covid brain fog becomes apparent. 

Since Covid brain fog may be mistaken for other impairments or wrapped up with other long-term symptoms, obtaining disability insurance benefits for Covid brain fog can be challenging. Seltzer & Associates has been on the front lines of the fight for disability insurance benefits due to Covid and will continue to zealously fight to secure the disability insurance benefits to which our clients are entitled. If you are suffering from Covid brain fog and have been denied your disability insurance benefits you need to contact an experienced disability insurance lawyer right away.

Differentiating Covid Brain Fog from Other Cognitive Impairments 

Covid brain fog affects those who had mild and severe cases of Covid. While we might expect the most severe cases to involve lingering side effects and impairments, brain fog has been observed in patients who had mild cases of Covid, including those not hospitalized. 

Covid brain fog is more than forgetfulness or other symptoms of cognitive impairment. Covid brain fog seems to affect executive functioning or decision-making and reasoning. These skills are crucial for doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare providers. The risk to patients and others in the medical industry if Covid brain fog is not taken as the serious condition it is could be catastrophic. Disability insurance companies should recognize the severity of Covid brain fog and grant disability insurance benefits to their claimants. Seltzer & Associates can help medical professionals secure the disability insurance benefits they deserve due to Covid brain fog.  

Difficulty in Diagnosing Covid Brain Fog

Due to the stigma of mental health ailments and the embarrassment of not performing at previous cognitive levels, those suffering from Covid brain fog may find ways to mask the severity of their limitations. For example, they may hide that performing simple tasks takes significantly more time, explain away confusion as dealing with an overwhelming amount of duties or stress, or even deflect mistakes made. Of great concern regarding those working in the medical field who suffer from Covid brain fog is that while their own cognitive function may decrease, diagnostic reports may show these high-functioning individuals in a “normal range” though they have diminished abilities when compared with their pre-Covid selves. This may occur naturally, or high achievers may manipulate tests to avoid the stigma of suffering cognitive or mental impairment. 

Another issue with attempting to diagnose Covid brain fog is a lack of established diagnostics, especially in younger individuals. There seem to be many factors that contribute to Covid brain fog that emerge after a Covid infection, such as damage to blood vessels, autoimmune disorders, and blood clots. There are also other diseases that cause similar cognitive impairments, which can frustrate medical treatment plans. Measuring or monitoring any of these conditions along with cognitive testing may reveal some measurement of brain fog, but the results can also be explained by other ailments. 

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