Working with Vocational Experts in Your Disability Case

When you are suffering from a disability, your medical treatment should be the primary focus of your medical care plan. However, being disabled brings a whole host of issues, including the financial concerns of being unable to work. 

Our legal team understands your chief desire is to recover and be well enough to return to a meaningful medical career. We also understand that the physical and mental limitations of your disability prevent you from doing so. In order to secure your disability insurance benefits, you need to prove that due to your disability, you can no longer perform the material duties required in the workplace. 

What is a Vocational Expert?

A vocational expert is an impartial participant in the disability insurance claim process. The role of the vocational expert is to evaluate the requirements of a job and to further analyze how an individual’s disability prevents them from performing their principal job duties.

The vocational expert will be able to speak to the duties required of your own occupation, and explain where your limitations prevent you from working at the job you had at the time of becoming disabled.

If your disability insurance claim is in the “any occupation” definition, a vocational expert can make a positive impact on your case by explaining the depth of your limitations that prevent you from performing the material duties of your profession as well as other jobs in the national economy. 

How Does a Vocational Expert Help my Disability Insurance Benefits Claim?

A vocational expert can help your claim for disability insurance benefits by clearly outlining the material duties of an occupation. This will help you and your Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer prove your inability to work based on your limitations due to your disability. 

Another way a vocational expert can help your case is by explaining your limitations in other ways that help evaluate your limitations. For example: 

  • A surgeon without the motor skills to make and eat a meal without disruption and delay cannot utilize surgical tools with precision.
  • A physician unable to maintain attention through a 30-minute television show is unlikely to be able to maintain the required level of focus necessary to attend staff meetings.
  • A doctor who cannot maintain a 10-minute phone call and retain information will likely not be able to properly question and examine patients. 

These relatable, everyday examples of routine activities allow the vocational expert to explain to the insurance company the severity of your limitations in an approachable and understandable way. His or her expert testimony, supported by your medical record evidence and partnered with the experience of a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer, adds strength to your case for disability insurance benefits. 

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