3 Situations Where Doctors Need A Lawyer

Doctors are problem solvers for their patients, but disability insurance claims can be challenging for anyone to navigate, and even doctors can benefit from help from an experienced disability insurance attorney. If you are a disabled physician and unable to work in your usual capacity, it is important to consult with a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer for help with your disability insurance benefits claim. The disability attorneys at Seltzer & Associates work with doctors, dentists, surgeons, and other medical professionals to pursue their disability insurance benefits. We understand the intense pressure on our clients, and we work diligently to alleviate the stress of pursuing disability insurance benefits.

Filing Your Disability Claim

Filing your initial disability claim can be a daunting task. While you are in the midst of addressing your own medical and financial needs, we can manage your disability insurance claim, which can be another cause of stress and concern. The details of your medical care are a key to the success of your disability insurance benefits claim, and an experienced Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer can help assemble the detailed and accurate record necessary to meet the burden for proving your disability claim. For example, let a long term disability lawyer help you file your claim and secure your disability insurance benefits.

Appealing Your Disability Insurance Denial

Insurance companies often deny disability insurance claims for physicians. The insurance company is a business and this will be reflected in its claim determinations.  Disability insurance companies generate profits by collecting premiums, not by paying benefits. When your disability insurance benefits are denied by the insurance company, it is a crucial remedy to appeal the decision promptly to avoid missing any deadlines as required by policy or law. Seltzer & Associates is well versed in disability policies issued by insurance companies nationwide. 

Additionally, if you must file a lawsuit after your disability insurance benefits are denied, a disability insurance attorney can represent you and fight for your benefits through each step of the process. Disability insurance lawsuits are complex, and it is something you should not go through alone.

When Disability Benefits are Delayed

Insurance companies may unreasonably delay the payment of benefits due to their insureds. Delays in paying disability insurance benefits may occur for several reasons, but this does not mean such delay is legal. Delays can be caused by either complex or seemingly simple issues in the claim filing process. An experienced Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer can help clarify any points of confusion and get your claim back on track so you can receive your benefits in accordance with your policy. Do not let your insurance company deprive you of any benefits to which you are entitled. 

Contact a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Lawyer to Learn More About How We Can Help

If you are a doctor suffering from a disability and unable to work, a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer can help you secure your disability insurance benefits. Contact Seltzer & Associates to discuss your disability insurance claim as soon as possible and learn how we can help you.