5 Tips for Filing an LTD Claim

Filing a long-term disability insurance claim can be a long and complicated process. By following these tips, you will be better organized as you file your LTD claim. Not only will these tips help you file your LTD claim, but they will help you maintain your long-term disability benefits. 

Over time, your disability insurance company will evaluate your claim to determine your eligibility to receive disability insurance benefits, despite the apparent limitations in your work capacity. These tips will help you prepare for an adverse decision by the insurer, and an appeal if necessary. Of course, working with a Philadelphia long-term disability claim attorney will help you in your pursuit of long-term disability insurance benefits. Contact Seltzer & Associates to discuss your long-term disability benefits claim.

1. Seek Appropriate Treatment for Your Condition 

Starting treatment for your disability as soon as possible helps you start your path to recovery, physically, mentally, and financially. When you begin treatment, you will have important information to provide in your LTD filing to support your claim. Your treating physician may be required to complete paperwork for you, describing the severity of your condition and explaining the limitations preventing you from returning to work. A Philadelphia long-term disability claim attorney can help you communicate this information to your disability insurance company during each step of your claim process.

2. Get Organized 

Being organized is a key component in obtaining long-term disability insurance benefits. Find a system that works for you.  This will help you present the necessary information should you choose to work with an attorney.  You will want to have the following organized and accessible for easy reference:

  • Your long-term disability policy and required forms for filing your claim. Make a note of deadlines, so you do not miss your opportunity to timely file for disability insurance benefits or respond to your disability insurance company.
  • A list of all doctors, treatments, and medications related to your disability, as well as those for other conditions. This information will be requested often.
  • All medical records from treatments for your disabling condition.
  • Human Resources contacts from your job so you can make sure to complete all necessary paperwork for your LTD claim.

3. Keep a Diary

Keeping a diary can help you communicate the symptoms and limitations you experience due to your disabling medical condition. The doctors treating your disability will need to know how your treatment affects you so they can adjust your treatment plan as necessary. Your insurance company will want to know how your disability treatment is progressing, and if there are any changes to your condition, treatment, and functional abilities. It is also helpful to record what daily activities are a struggle due to your disability, as this information may be used to evaluate your ability to work. Your Philadelphia long-term disability claim attorney will be able to translate your recorded experience into your disability record and demonstrate your inability to work.

4. Maintain a Regular Treatment Routine

Maintaining regular, appropriate treatment for your disability is important. You must make sure you have consistent treatment during the initial filing and ongoing claims administration process. A lack of medical care can create the appearance that your disability is not severe enough to keep you out of work and may cause the insurance company to deny your LTD claim.

5. Contact a Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Claim Attorney

Filing for LTD insurance benefits can be daunting, but a long-term disability attorney can help. With years of nationwide experience representing clients in their claim for disability insurance benefits, a Philadelphia long-term disability claim attorney at Seltzer & Associates is ready to guide you through this process and ensure you stay on track with maintaining your treatment and medical records. Contact Seltzer & Associates to discuss your long-term disability insurance claim today.