Can I Work and Receive Disability Benefits?

Continuing illness or injury can disable a person so it becomes impossible to work. An individual is no longer able to fulfill their essential job functions. Stepping back from a career or profession can increase stress, not just in the financial sense, but also in regards to mental health and wellbeing. The pressure and lifestyle changes can compel many professionals, especially those in the healthcare industry, to return to work. 

After years of education and training, doctors do not want to suffer career setbacks, but a return to work may be limited due to impairment and disability. 

Our clients at Seltzer & Associates are professionals with active careers – physicians, nurse anesthetists, and executives. Stepping away from a professional career can be unnerving due to both the lost income and the lost satisfaction. Every Philadelphia long term disability lawyer at our firm understands the delicate balance our clients seek as they deal with disabling conditions, continued health concerns, and the desire to make contributions to the community. We are here to help.

Considerations to Returning to Work After a Disability

Before deciding to attempt a return to work, you need to consider your options. What might a return to work look like for you?

  • Will your job allow you to return in a partial capacity? Can your job be performed in a partial capacity?
  • How will a return to work and income affect current disability benefits, and what will happen if you are not able to continue working your partial schedule due to disability?
  • Does your doctor approve of your return to work and think you can handle even a partial return to work?

Disability insurance companies are always looking for reasons to terminate disability insurance benefits, and a return to work may be used as such a basis for termination. Of course, you can appeal a termination with the help of a Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer.

Check Your Disability Insurance Policy for Details

The first thing you and your Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer will need to look at while building your long-term disability insurance benefits claim is the policy governing your disability insurance coverage. Your policy will specify terms such as procedures for pursuing your disability insurance benefits, requirements for obtaining your disability insurance benefits, and policy definitions determining eligibility.

Some of the key terms and provisions included in disability insurance policies are: 

Seltzer & Associates can handle and maintain your claim for disability insurance benefit and will take these definitions and provisions into consideration when you consider a return to work.

Understanding how attempting a return to work while disabled can impact your financial security is challenging. Relying on an experienced Philadelphia long term disability lawyer can help you navigate through the intricacies of your disability insurance claim. Ask your lawyer to explain your policy thoroughly to you so you know what the challenges may be.

Contact a Philadelphia Long Term Disability Lawyer to Discuss Your Claim

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