Cancer Challenges with Disability Insurance

Cancer affects millions of Americans annually. Due to the prevalence of cancer and the risk of recurrence, many insurance companies will limit or deny coverage for those who have previously had cancer or who have higher risk factors for cancer. This limitation puts medical professionals in a precarious state as they already are highlighted for denial and terminations by insurance companies due to potentially high payouts for claims. If you find yourself in a situation where your claim for disability insurance benefits is denied based on a cancer diagnosis, your disability attorney will review your policy and advise you accordingly. Seltzer & Associates has experience working with national disability insurance companies to achieve successful outcomes for our clients in disability insurance disputes.

Disability Insurance Companies Protect Their Business Interests

Disability insurance companies are supposed to serve insureds by providing an income stream when unable to work due to disability. Insurance companies develop protocols for administering the claims of insured customers. These internal protocols often result in coverage restrictions or claim denials, particularly when there is a potentially significant financial liability for the insurer. Cancer is an important example of a disabling condition that may receive heightened scrutiny by insurers.

Physicians, doctors, medical professionals, and other high-income individuals are often targeted for disability insurance claim denials due to the high dollar amount the insurance company would have to pay per claim. This is an unfortunate consequence of insurance companies being profit-driven entities. Nonetheless, ill or injured insureds still deserve the benefits they bargained for, and that is why working with an experienced disability lawyer to obtain your disability insurance benefits is so important. If your insurance company denies or terminates your disability insurance benefits in bad faith, you can be confident that Seltzer & Associates will not rest until you receive the benefits to which you are entitled, which may ultimately involve litigation against the insurance company.

Discerning Risks and Types of Cancer

Each insurance company has its own internal criteria for evaluating coverage limitations and assessing risk. If an insured has been diagnosed with cancer in the past, they may be denied future benefits on the basis of a pre-existing condition. However, the terms of your policy may create specific exemptions, which your disability lawyer can help you identify. This may require nuanced analysis to be performed by your disability lawyer.

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