Client Spotlight: Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorneys for Physicians

Physicians are called to take care of the health and well-being of patients, but when an accident or injury results in their own disability, they need an advocate for their personal health and well-being, which includes financial security.  

 Seltzer & Associates has taken a special interest in representing physicians in disability insurance matters. Every Philadelphia disability insurance attorney on our team understands the intricacies of the medical profession. As a society, we place a unique pressure on physicians to perform at exceptional levels in demanding environments. A stressor that the coronavirus pandemic has amplified in recent months. After years of pursuing an education and building a successful career, you deserve financial security after a disabling condition has left you unable to perform your essential job duties. Don’t let a denied claim for disability insurance benefits set you back. Contact the disability insurance attorneys at Seltzer & Associates to learn about your options for appeal. 

As a team, we understand the limitations disabling conditions place on physicians. It’s more than being unable to work, it’s about taking an unplanned step back from your life mission. Through supportive procedures, timely responses, and a wealth of experience working with disability insurance companies, we guide our physicians’ disability insurance matters to favorable outcomes.

Committed to Representing Physicians Nationwide

Physicians have specialized needs when it comes to disability insurance benefits. Sometimes there are policy definitions that make it difficult for physicians to obtain their own disability insurance benefits. Continuing medical reports and assessments on a physician’s ability to return to work are ordered and evaluated frequently, most often required on a monthly basis. 

At Seltzer & Associates, we treat our physician clients with the same care and compassion they provide their patients. We utilize our nationwide experience handling disability insurance claims and seek the benefits physicians deserve from their disability insurance policies. We have worked with all major disability insurance companies and know what challenges to expect in the claim denial and appeals process. Our goal is to overcome these obstacles and achieve a successful outcome for our clients.

Leaders in Medical Disability Insurance Law

We are well versed and experienced in the field of disability insurance law.  We regularly participate in educational forums in disability insurance law via nationwide conferences, and we are always current with all major litigated cases nationally.  We continually review policies and practices nationwide to consistently provide excellent professional services to disabled doctors. In addition, Founder of Seltzer & Associates Mark F. Seltzer has lectured at numerous medical conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally, teaching doctors about this area of the law. Fostering these nationwide connections keeps our firm at the forefront of developments in disability insurance law and policy. 

Contact a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney

Physicians who are suffering from a disability and unable to work should speak with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney to discuss their options. Contact Seltzer & Associates today. Our experienced team will help you obtain your rightful disability insurance benefits.