Disability Benefits for Doctors With Cancer

Cancer is a diagnosis that can startle anyone, even the most experienced doctors. Shock, denial, grief, and pain can overwhelm doctors suffering from this disease. A cancer diagnosis often comes with much uncertainty. Disability insurance benefits should be a source of stability and security for you so you can focus on beating the diagnosis. A Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can help you through the disability claims process. Seltzer & Associates represents medical professionals essential to caring for our communities. We apply our years of professional experience in handling disability insurance claims to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

Cancer is a taxing disease.  The effects of cancer and the necessary treatments can keep doctors out of work. However, during this difficult time, our firm can handle your disability insurance claim brought on by a cancer diagnosis.

Pursuing Your Disability Insurance Benefits for Cancer with a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney 

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, it can be difficult to identify where to begin the process of pursuing disability insurance benefits. Your Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can guide you through this process. We can help with both your short-term and long-term disability insurance benefits claims. 

Chemotherapy, radiation, and other alternative therapies can be intense and deplete the patient. Just as your healthcare team manages your cancer treatment plan, your Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can manage your disability insurance claim.  

We encourage you to consider filing a disability insurance claim under your policies regardless of the stage in which you are diagnosed. Let us handle your case from its inception. We have experience handling disability insurance claims at all stages, from claim maintenance and proving continued loss to handling denials, termination of benefits, and appeals

Your Cancer Disability Benefits Claim 

Continuing appropriate medical treatment is an important part of your disability insurance claim. Keep up with your treatment and medical records so your attorney can work to build your claim and prove your case to the insurance company. Your file may be heavily scrutinized by the insurance company. Keep in regular contact with your Philadelphia disability insurance attorney so they are apprised of any changes to your condition or treatment plan that might impact your ability to practice medicine. Let us ease the burden on you so you can focus on your health. 

Contact a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney for Your Free Consultation 

When cancer keeps you from your medical career, you need to have a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney handle your claim for disability insurance benefits. Schedule your free consultation with Seltzer & Associates by calling 888-699-4222 or completing our contact form online.