Does a Doctor’s Chronic Back Pain Qualify for Disability?

Chronic back pain can be debilitating and prevent doctors from working or participating in activities of daily living. Your disability insurance coverage should be available to provide you with financial security while you are unable to work due to disabling chronic back pain. Seltzer & Associates can assist you in pursuing these benefits regardless of your location.

Chronic back pain can keep doctors from medical practice for extended periods depending on severity level. In addition to the physical limitations caused by illness or injury, the chronic pain suffered can contribute to declining mental health in doctors. The treatments for chronic back pain can have disabling side effects, including adverse effects from pain medication possibly resulting in dependence or addiction. A Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can present your case to the insurance company and support your claim for disability insurance benefits.

If you are a doctor suffering from chronic back pain that prevents you from working, do not risk your disability insurance benefits. Work with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney at Seltzer & Associates to understand how your disabling chronic back pain may qualify you for disability insurance benefits.

Reasons Doctors are Susceptible to Chronic Back Pain

Doctors have additional risk factors for developing chronic back pain due to their work. Chronic back problem risk factors that doctors face include:

  • Sedentary risk factors: Doctors spend long hours sitting while reviewing medical reports, patient files, and research, leading to posture issues that can develop into more severe back pain and injury.
  • Periods without rest: Doctors face long work shifts spent on their feet.
  • Movement and lifting: Doctors can experience chronic back pain from moving medical equipment that can be heavy or bulky and/or moving patients during examinations, emergency procedures, and surgeries.

Despite knowing these risk factors, doctors cannot avoid all risks of developing chronic back pain due to the nature of their work responsibilities. 

Rely on a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney to Navigate Your Insurance Claims 

Even if chronic back pain is attributed to occupational risk factors or caused by on-the-job activity, doctors are not precluded from pursuing disability insurance benefits. As such, you need a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney to guide you through the claims process. Additionally, should your disability insurance claim be denied or terminated, Seltzer & Associates can handle your claim and manage your appeal.

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