Healthcare Professionals Mental, Nervous Long Term Disability Claims Jumped in 2020

Mental and nervous disabilities are affecting our healthcare professionals at rapidly increasing rates. This can be attributed to the rise in awareness surrounding mental health disorders, recognition of the severity of these conditions, and the limitations they pose on medical professionals. Another unfortunate reason for the jump in long term disability claims among healthcare professionals for mental and nervous disorders is the long term stress and burnout caused by dealing with Covid. 

Covid-related claims for disability insurance benefits have created some questions as to claim coverage by insurance companies. Working with a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer on your Covid-related claim is worthwhile to overcome the potential challenges you may face as you pursue disability insurance benefits. Contact Seltzer & Associates to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits. When your hands are tied, we’ve got your back.

Stress and Physician Burnout Contributed to 2020 Disability Insurance Claims

Many surveys and studies have been conducted since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to better understand the multitude of ways the virus has affected all aspects of our society. In particular, attention to the amount of stress and burnout prevailing in our medical community has been prioritized. Without our healthcare providers, we cannot overcome this disease. Our doctors need our support, and that includes securing their disability insurance benefits when necessary.

A Kaiser Family Foundation study found that 62% of frontline healthcare workers experienced a negative impact on mental health due to Covid-related stress and worry throughout the pandemic. It is noted that as a whole, we have experienced an increase in stress, worry, depression, and other mental health symptoms, but the uptick in healthcare workers experiencing these mental disorders to the extent it keeps them from working exceeds these effects in the general population. Physicians experiencing increased stress, burnout and an inability to work need to consult a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney for assistance with claims for disability insurance benefits.

Dealing With Covid Stress

The amount of stress placed on medical professionals because of Covid is staggering. Frontline healthcare workers clearly face an increased exposure risk to Covid. They strive to protect their loved ones while caring for our communities at large. Additionally, physicians are faced with a plethora of unknowns regarding the development, progression, and long term effects of Covid on their patients and on themselves.

Doctors also contend with increased patient volumes while dealing with the lack of medical resources due to pandemic shortages. This stress manifests in many ways, causing medical professionals to suffer from various disabling mental conditions. Some common mental and nervous disorders we see in our healthcare workers due to Covid include PTSD, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. When these mental and nervous disorders become disruptive to a medical career, you need to work with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney to secure the disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

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