Long Covid Causes Ongoing Disability for Medical Professionals

The effects of long Covid continue to be explored as more people experience lingering symptoms even after recovery from Covid. While many people are considered recovered from an initial Covid diagnosis and expect to resume their regular activities, long Covid has been found to frustrate these expectations and contribute to an overall decline in health. Suffering from long Covid may result in the inability to maintain a career, especially for those in the medical profession. In fact, it is estimated that 4 million members of the working population in the United States are out of the workforce due to long Covid symptoms. This is significant, and we need to look at what is being done to help long Covid sufferers.

We know that Covid is a highly contagious disease and spreads quickly. We know that people can get Covid more than once. Isolation and quarantine are part of Covid protocols to stop the spread of the disease. Therefore when people suffer from Covid, they miss work for a period of time and some of these people need to rely on their disability insurance benefits. This is especially true of medical professionals. Doctors, physicians, and the rest of the medical community cannot risk the health of patients and colleagues by working while impaired from the effects of long Covid. We have been dealing with Covid for a few years now, though there are still many unanswered questions regarding the complications related to long Covid, which have caused many to miss work and file disability insurance claims. If you suffer from long Covid and are experiencing symptoms preventing you from maintaining your medical practice, you need to talk to a disability lawyer about a potential claim for disability insurance benefits. 

Seltzer & Associates has been working with insurance companies throughout the Covid pandemic to secure disability insurance benefits for clients. Seltzer & Associates is dedicated to appealing denials and terminations of disability insurance benefits for those suffering from long Covid.

Recognizing Long Covid 

Long Covid encompasses a number of disorders, symptoms, and limitations experienced by those suffering from it. There is no standard progression of or recovery from long Covid. The length of time one is affected by long Covid varies from person to person. These variables make it difficult to prove a long Covid disability claim to an insurer.

Initial studies on long Covid focused on more severe cases of Covid resulting in hospitalizations. Studies indicate as many as half of hospitalized Covid patients experience lingering symptoms six months later. As Covid variants emerged and vaccinations were administered, the severity of Covid symptoms lessened for many people. However, long Covid still affects people months after the initial infection, even if they did not have what would be considered a severe case of Covid. The risk of developing long Covid seems to be similar whether the initial infection was severe or mild. Regardless of the classification, medical professionals who have suffered from Covid may need the security of disability insurance benefits.

Serious long Covid symptoms include inflammation in the heart, blood vessels, and brain; severe fatigue; respiratory problems; and cognitive impairment. All of these are disruptive to work activity, particularly to medical professionals. Doctors are expected to work long hours in roles that require certain levels of mobility and strength. Doctors are also expected to function at high cognitive levels. Long Covid may make it impossible for physicians to continue working at pre-infection levels, if at all. With mild cases of Covid or long Covid, a worker may return to work prematurely and discover that long Covid symptoms prevent them from performing the material duties of their job. A good faith effort should not be punished by your insurance company whereby your claim is prematurely terminated. If so, you need to contact a disability insurance lawyer to work on your claim for disability insurance benefits. 

Covid Brain Fog and Brain Impairments

Covid brain fog has been a true concern for the healthcare industry. Covid brain fog can be a severe impairment as it disrupts cognitive function. Those suffering from Covid brain fog lose concentration which in turn negatively affects job performance. This can create a dangerous cycle putting both the patient and doctor at risk for harm. 

Covid Qualification for Disability Insurance Benefits 

Covid can qualify as a disability for insurance purposes. However, these claims have not been embraced by disability insurers. If your Covid symptoms have prevented you from working, you need to get started working on your disability insurance claim. There are also other disabling conditions that have become increasingly prevalent in medical professionals who have been exposed to Covid while treating patients in recent years. These other conditions need to be considered as part of a comprehensive disability evaluation. seltzer & Associates can help you understand your eligibility for disability insurance benefits and guide you through the claims process.

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