Medical Residents Need Disability Insurance Benefits

Medical residents are a critical part of the medical industry. These doctors are integral to the future of medicine, participating in medical research and development and providing patient care. Since medical residents are in the early stages of their medical careers, they are still learning about all the components needed to make their careers successful. This includes mitigating lost income if they become disabled and are unable to continue working. Disability insurance benefits are an important resource for any medical professional, but residents should especially take note as well.

Medical residents are juggling enough with work and other training responsibilities without having to worry about what to do if they are unable to maintain their financial income stream due to disability. This is why it is even more important for medical residents to obtain disability insurance coverage and also to work with a disability insurance lawyer to secure those benefits should they become disabled and unable to work.

Seltzer & Associates holds the medical community in high regard and is honored to help them achieve financial security in times of disability through securing disability insurance benefits. We can support the medical community by helping the newest members become confident in their future through disability insurance benefits.

Residents Across the Country Need a Disability Insurance Attorney

One of the challenges many residents face is moving to a new locale to pursue this next stage in their career. Fortunately, an experienced disability lawyer can represent a client anywhere in the country. Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience representing clients in their pursuit of disability insurance benefits and has successfully represented clients across the nation. Seltzer & Associates has a successful history of working with insurance companies nationwide to help clients obtain the disability insurance benefits they deserve.

Financial Concerns for Medical Residents

Any medical professional obtains disability insurance in order to put their mind at ease about having money come in should they become disabled and unable to work. Medical residents earn less than more established doctors, so the standard percentage of pay in a long-term disability policy will come to a lower dollar amount than if they were more advanced in their careers. Knowing this may cause additional stress and uncertainty for medical residents. Therefore, every financial resource available needs to be explored and fought for when medical residents are disabled and unable to work.

Another major financial concern for residents is student loans. At this stage in their career, student loans are often still daunting with years of repayment ahead, whether there is loan forgiveness in the borrower’s future or not. While student loan programs often offer a period of forbearance for hardship and disability, these programs do not last indefinitely. Obtaining long-term disability insurance benefits can help alleviate some of the financial stress medical residents face in regard to their student loans.

Defining A Resident’s Material Duties for Disability Insurance Claims 

Another challenge in analyzing a resident’s claim for disability insurance benefits is defining the applicable disability insurance policy and the definition of own and any occupation. Residents are highly skilled but have not yet completed their specialization in the medical field. For this reason, the own and any occupation disability insurance policy may be more beneficial to residents in training due to job descriptions. A long-term disability insurance lawyer can help make the appropriate evaluation of these definitions so that the resident is paid the appropriate amount of disability insurance benefits. 

As residents may experience a variety of training and tasks during their residency, as well as being sent to different facilities for their residency, defining the material duties of their occupation can become difficult. Seltzer & Associates can handle this evaluation and make the case to the insurance company how the claimant meets the required definitions, further protecting our clients’ financial well-being when suffering from a disability and unable to work.

Individual Disability Insurance Policies for Residents

Purchasing a private or so individual disability insurance policy is important to residents for a number of reasons. First, the individual policy can offer additional coverage that is not included in group plans to meet the individual’s specific needs. Additionally, residency programs end and they cannot take an employee-based disability insurance policy with them to their new jobs, but they can maintain their individual policy throughout career development. As disabling conditions can occur at any time, this individual disability policy is critical for continuing peace of mind as residents change employment throughout their early medical careers. 

Maintaining Care Throughout The Disability Claims Process

Another important aspect of the disability claims process is for the insured to maintain proper care for their disabling condition. Whether facing a short-term or long-term period of disability, taking this time away from residency for recovery is a significant disruption to the medical training residents partake in and further delays their career development. Residents may be tempted to cut back on their own medical care to return to the workplace in a limited capacity, but this puts themselves and their patients at risk for mistakes and harm from incomplete care.

Medical Professionals Need A Disability Insurance Lawyer For Litigation

Your disability insurance lawyer can help you through your disability insurance claim process, but sometimes when the insurance company just does not see the severity of a claimant’s disabling condition and limitations that prevent them from working. If the dispute in the claim process becomes contested enough, you may have no other choice but to pursue legal action in the courts. It is absolutely critical to have an experienced disability insurance attorney represent you in a disability insurance lawsuit. Seltzer & Associates has experience at all stages of the disability insurance claims and litigation process and will have your back at all stages of the legal process.

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