Philadelphia Long Term Disability Lawyer Explains Vision Loss vs. Blindness

Vision loss and impairment can easily disrupt a physician or surgeon’s ability to work.  However, many people are uncertain whether a disability insurance policy will provide coverage in the event of disability due to vision loss. Vision loss that prevents a doctor from working may be a covered condition under a disability insurance policy, and you should not forego any disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Seltzer & Associates has extensive experience working with insurance companies on a national level to secure disability insurance benefits for clients suffering from a wide range of disabilities. When insured individuals may be uncertain of eligibility for disability benefits, our Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer team fights for any benefits the claimant is due.

Causes of Vision Loss

Vision loss can be attributed to a variety of causes. Some common causes of vision loss include:

  • Eye injury, including traumatic injury
  • Stroke
  • Eye infections
  • Diseases of the eye such as glaucoma or macular degeneration
  • Other diseases that may cause vision loss such as diabetes
  • Treatment for other diseases such as medication that may result in vision loss
  • Aging 

Vision Loss Prevents the Practice of Medicine – A Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Help

Vision loss can impair the ability to participate in regular activities, including work duties. Some cases of vision loss occur rapidly and dramatically, while other cases are more gradual, though still severe. 

Symptoms of vision loss that prevent the practice of medicine include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty seeing in dark environments or at night
  • Cataracts
  • Loss of peripheral vision

Vision loss can prevent accurate evaluations and treatment of patients as doctors. Patient records may not be accurate or thorough. Patients can inadvertently be given incorrect medication. Medical professionals with impairing vision loss should avoid putting their patients at risk.  

Analyzing Vision Loss Conditions for Disability Insurance Claims

Vision loss need not rise to the level of total blindness for a disability claim to be approved. If your claim is denied, a disability insurance lawyer can help you file an appeal. One of the difficulties of analyzing vision loss for the purpose of a disability insurance claim is assessing the severity of the condition as well as how the vision loss impairs the ability to perform job tasks. Your disability insurance lawyer can help you build your claim for disability benefits due to vision loss.

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