Short-Term Disability Insurance Benefits Provide Financial Relief to Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis can quickly unsettle any individual. Uncertainty and fear creep into patients’ and caregivers’ minds as they face this new medical challenge. The good news is that medicine is constantly evolving, and new treatments for cancer have given new hope to patients and families. In some instances, treatment may only take a few months, and resolve before long-term disability insurance takes effect. Reviewing your insurance policy with the experienced legal team at Seltzer & Associates can help you prepare for filing a claim for long-term disability insurance benefits.

Short-term disability insurance benefits can help a cancer patient lessen any financial burden while undergoing cancer treatment. Short-term disability insurance has a shorter elimination period after the onset of a disabling condition than long-term disability insurance, so you can quickly receive income while unable to work due to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. A Philadelphia short-term disability lawyer will be able to explain your policy and coverage to you and make sure you are receiving the disability insurance benefits contracted for under your policy. 

Seltzer & Associates handles disability insurance matters for physicians, surgeons, and medical professionals. We understand the demands of a medical career that can become impossible to meet while undergoing treatment for cancer.  We can present your claim to your insurance company for approval. We can help you pursue disability insurance claims due to cancer. 

Breast Cancer as a Disabling Condition

Unfortunately, breast cancer is a somewhat common cancer diagnosis. As diagnostic tools and treatment options develop, a breast cancer case may be successfully treated within the short-term disability qualification period. Early detection and intervention can save lives. However, breast cancer treatments can be difficult and taxing, and can leave physicians unable to practice medicine or perform other work-related functions. Seltzer & Associates understands each case is unique, and we can help you with your claim for short-term disability insurance benefits as the transition to long-term disability benefits becomes necessary. Your insurance company may overstate your work capacity. Seltzer & Associates can handle residual disability matters for you as well.

Chemotherapy Treatments Debilitate Doctors

Chemotherapy treatments can range from a few weeks to several months, with the timeline varying based on the type and stage of cancer, and the prescribed chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy has side effects that often prevent doctors from performing the functions of their occupations, including nausea and vomiting, pain, fatigue, fever, and diarrhea, all of which are disruptive in the medical workplace. Chemo brain fog is also a significant impairment to medical professionals as focus and concentration are paramount to working in the medical field. These side effects may prevent doctors from treating patients, training other medical professionals, performing administrative tasks, and conducting research. The good news is that chemotherapy treatments may only take a few months, which may fall entirely within your short-term disability insurance benefits period. A Philadelphia short-term disability lawyer can help you navigate the short-term disability process while out of work due to a cancer diagnosis so you can focus on your health.

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