Stigma, Licensing Concerns Keep Doctors for Seeking Mental Health Care Amid Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has, without question, been a challenging time in the medical profession. In addition to the regular responsibilities of caring for patients, additional stress and fears creep into the medical field due to this novel virus. Physician mental health has suffered during this pandemic. Know that you are not alone. Seltzer & Associates represents doctors, nurses, and medical professionals nationwide to secure their disability insurance benefits, especially during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speak with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney today for help you with your claim. 

Your Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney Wants You to Get Mental Health Services

The uncertainty of the pandemic leads to additional mental health concerns for physicians, in particular, pandemic-related stress. Preparing for subsequent surges of the virus, worrying about new strains of the virus and vaccinations, and concern and criticisms over changing protocols and procedures, no doubt, wear physicians out. Doctors experience additional depression as patients fight for their lives, fatigue from watching patients die alone due to safety protocols, and frustration as medical and safety supplies run short. 

Medical professionals may be hesitant to seek mental health services due to the stigma still present around mental illness and licensing concerns. Doctors may be afraid to admit their disease since many people still view mental health as a weakness rather than an illness. Doctors fear stigma from coworkers, friends, and family if they admit their disease. Physicians may also worry that seeking treatment for mental health will affect their ability to practice medicine and maintain their licensing. Licensing applications and renewals can ask very personal questions and while efforts are being made to not penalize medical professionals for seeking mental health treatment, the licensing process becomes more complex with additional inquiries and in-depth investigation. 

Do not be ashamed to seek mental health services. You will be better able to serve your patients when you are at your healthiest, both mentally and physically. If intensive mental health treatment removes you from your medical practice, you should apply for disability insurance benefits. We care about our clients’ well-being and getting them the care they need. If your insurance company denies your claim for disability benefits, a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can help you understand your options and appeal the decision.

Mental Health Resources for Doctors

The following resources may be beneficial for doctors facing mental health illnesses. Especially during the pandemic, seeking assistance can make a significant difference in physician well-being.

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