To Post or Not Post? Social Media and Disability Claims

Social media is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, connecting with those in your local community, and engaging with businesses. One business you probably do not think about engaging with on social media is your disability insurance company. Insurance companies are able to access social media accounts and learn a surprising amount of information regarding an individual. 

Doctors who have been denied disability insurance benefits should contact a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer to discuss the proper remedy. Seltzer & Associates has experience working with disability insurance companies nationwide and fighting for clients’ disability insurance benefits. You should always be mindful of who may be observing you on social media.

Who is Monitoring You on Social Media?

Your disability insurance company is a business centered on generating profits. Your disability insurance benefits are a cost to the business and one way to reduce costs is to terminate disability insurance claims. Insurance companies may deny or terminate claims with high payouts for doctors and target these professionals to protect their bottom line. Insurance companies continually monitor active claims and conduct investigations on current claimants. Social media has become another resource for insurance company investigators to gather, and potentially misrepresent, information related to a claimant.

Social Media Posts Reach a Wide Audience

Social media growth has been impressive, though this growth has led to significant privacy concerns. Even if your personal privacy settings are restricted, your photos and videos can still be found online if friends or family are sharing to a wider audience. Other businesses or event pages may have images of you posted and shared for their own publicity. If your social media presence is concerning as it relates to your disability insurance benefits, discussing your claim with a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer may help you navigate these complex scenarios.

Social Media Reveals an Incomplete Picture

Social media portrayals generally reveal only a partial depiction of reality. Pictures of a family picnic, outings with friends, or attendance at events may not show the precautions taken to ensure a safe experience for those suffering from a disabling condition. Such precautions or accommodations can include administering medication, limiting exposure to certain environments, and limiting specific activities. For example, someone may attend a baseball game but may only stay for an inning or two because they cannot stand or sit for a long period due to their condition. A claimant may attend an event but be unable to engage socially or professionally while in attendance. However, an insurance company may deny or terminate a disability insurance claim based misrepresentations or misinterpretations of claimant activity.

Consult with a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Lawyer

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