What to Expect at Your First Meeting with a Philadelphia Long Term Disability Lawyer

Your first meeting with a Philadelphia long term disability lawyer will provide you with detailed understanding of the disability insurance claim process. When you meet with Seltzer & Associates to discuss your claim for long term disability insurance benefits, we will address your case with the utmost professionalism and respect. Maintaining the dignity of our clients as they face this challenging time is of the greatest importance to us as we engage on their behalf.

Communicating With Your Philadelphia Long Term Disability Lawyer 

At your first meeting with your Philadelphia long term disability lawyer, clear and candid communication is critical. This meeting is an opportunity for you to express your objectives as they related to your claim, ask questions, gather information, and plan the next steps in pursuit of obtaining disability insurance benefits. 

You should come to your first meeting prepared to ask any questions you may have for your Philadelphia long term disability lawyer. It is also a good idea to take notes during your meeting, if possible. This way you can keep track of answers to your questions and help you clarify any points of uncertainty throughout the duration of your claim. This will help you communicate directly with with your disability lawyer as your claim is being prepared.

Gathering Your Information for Your Disability Insurance Claim

You will address many important details and procedures during your first meeting with your Philadelphia long term disability lawyer. You should gather any items requested by your lawyer in advance of your meeting.

You will want to bring copies and be prepared to discuss:

  • Disability insurance paperwork: This includes your policy, any letters or correspondence received from your insurance company, and especially any changes in benefits, terminations, or denials from your insurance company. 
  • Medical records and contact information: The insurance company will be routinely requesting medical records and forms completed by your treating physicians as your claim for disability insurance benefits is evaluated. Bring what medical records you are able to bring with you, or at least a list of doctors you are seeing for your condition as well as a list of medications you are taking.
  • Employment paperwork: Your Human Resources department likely has job descriptions on file for your role. This can demonstrate how your disability prevents you from working in your specific medical role.

You also want to be prepared to discuss limitations or restrictions on mental and/or physical activities. Make note of how your disabling condition prevents you from working, as well as other limitations you experience during a typical day. This will help your Philadelphia long term disability insurance lawyer explain your particular need for disability insurance benefits to your insurance company.

Schedule Your First Meeting with Your Philadelphia Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyer

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