Mild Cases of Covid Linked to Brain Damage

Apr 14, 2022 - COVID-19 by

The effects of Covid are still being researched and explored. Even if a Covid case is mild, the lasting health impact can be significant. As Covid survivors move to the next stage of recovery, we are learning more about long Covid and how these survivors are affected, and how their lives are altered, including the ability to maintain daily activities and careers.

Recently, attention has been given to the effects Covid has on the brain. While most studies have focused on the long-term effects of severe cases of Covid, recent studies have focused on the continued suffering and lasting effects of mild cases of Covid. Newer results have revealed a link between Covid and brain damage. This recent research highlights yet another way that even mild cases of Covid can result in disability.

Brain damage can be detrimental to a medical career. If you have had Covid and have suffered brain damage that prevents you from continuing your medical career, you may be entitled to disability insurance benefits. Pursuing these benefits can quickly become complicated and working with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can help you make sense of the process and build your claim as it relates to lingering limitations due to Covid.

Seltzer & Associates has experience working with Covid survivors to successfully pursue their disability insurance benefits and protect their disability rights. You do not need to pursue your benefits on your own. Contact Seltzer & Associates to discuss your potential Covid-related disability insurance claim. 

Covid Brain Damage Keeps Physicians From Practicing Medicine

A recent study from the UK revealed that even mild cases of Covid result in a decline in cognitive ability and a loss of brain matter. Data studies and brain imaging on study participants demonstrated that those with Covid experienced up to 2% more brain damage and degradation compared to those who have not contracted Covid. In other words, the study found so far that Covid aged the brains of infected study subjects by about a year compared to non-infected subjects. Of course with only a few years of data to utilize so far, additional research will provide further insight into the depth of brain damage linked to Covid.

Cognitive impairments can keep physicians, nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other professionals from maintaining their medical careers. Memory loss, lack of concentration, inability to focus, mood swings, anxiety, depression, sensory deficits, and behavioral syndromes are all ways that brain damage can disrupt the practice of medicine.

One of the more difficult aspects of brain damage is finding the appropriate treatment, especially if the resulting effects are a combination of conditions. It takes time for your treating physician to make the best treatment plan for each individual, which can result in additional time away from the workplace. Appropriate care is essential to your well-being as well as your disability insurance claim. Seltzer & Associates can manage your disability insurance claims so you can focus on your health and recovery.

How a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney Can Help With Your Covid Claim

There is still much uncertainty, confusion, misunderstanding, and skepticism surrounding this disease. Many people dismiss Covid-related effects, and they expect to resume their previous activity level without interruption. As we have learned, this may not be true, even for mild cases of Covid. As such, pursuing your disability insurance benefits can quickly become a contentious process. Insurance companies will challenge claims for disability insurance benefits. An experienced Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can help you confront a denial or termination of disability insurance benefits.

Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience representing clients suffering from various illnesses, including Covid and comorbidities. We understand the challenges our clients face when pursuing disability insurance benefits. Doctors suffering from illness or injury should not have to be fearful of their financial security due to their condition. Our Philadelphia disability insurance attorneys stay current on the evolution of disabling medical conditions and the disability insurance industry so we can secure the disability insurance benefits to which our clients are entitled.

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