Substance Abuse Rising Amid Pandemic, Extended Quarantines

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent periods of quarantine have seen an increase in substance abuse among people from various trades, including essential workers who are putting in maximum time and effort to serve their communities. Unfortunately, substance abuse can increase in stressful situations such as dealing with a pandemic or being quarantined for extended periods of time. If you are suffering from substance abuse and complications, you should seek assistance from a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney to help you pursue your disability insurance benefits. With experience nationwide in handling substance abuse disability insurance claims, Seltzer & Associates is able to handle your case from anywhere.

Explaining the Increase in Substance Abuse During the Pandemic

Mental health and substance abuse experts agree that substance abuse has increased throughout the pandemic. The increase is attributed to a variety of factors including boredom, availability of drugs, anxiety about the coronavirus and other illnesses, stress from work, and the stress of being quarantined for extended periods of time. Without regular outlets for managing stress, anxiety, or depression, many people turn to alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism, which can lead to substance abuse.

Physicians find themselves in unique quarantine scenarios. Many fear exposing family members to coronavirus and have therefore made alternate arrangements to live in separate parts of the home or quarantine with other doctors with the same exposure risk. The additional stress this causes, as well as boredom, can exacerbate substance use until it becomes a problem. 

Do Not Hide Substance Abuse – Ask a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney

Unfortunately, the stigma of substance abuse coupled with normalized substance use behavior during a pandemic or quarantine is suspected to result in under-reporting of substance abuse. Physicians are likely to try to hide their substance abuse due to fear of losing not only their job but their medical license. 

Do not hide your substance abuse. Seek treatment for your substance abuse, accept help from others, join a support group, and pursue your disability insurance benefits to help you through this difficult time. A Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can work with you and your insurance company to secure your benefits so you can focus on overcoming your substance abuse.

Finding Support for Substance Abuse in a Pandemic

One of the challenges of the pandemic is the suspension of certain services when quarantines are in effect. Fortunately, there are more virtual resources becoming available as social distancing continues. Many therapists and counselors are utilizing remote and virtual options to help people struggling with alcoholism or drug use maintain a regular support schedule. Additionally, 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are offering virtual meetings online or by phone so that people can continue their community connection and find support to overcome substance abuse. To find additional substance abuse support for you or someone you care about, you can check out SAMHSA’s resources page or search for local resources in your area.

At Seltzer & Associates, we prioritize our clients’ health and well-being while pursuing the disability insurance benefits that can help you on your healing journey. Every Philadelphia disability insurance attorney at Seltzer & Associates knows how critical treatment and support programs are in your fight to overcome substance abuse. 

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