Medical Professionals Facing Denied COVID-19 Disability Claims

Disability Insurance Claims Being Rejected for COVID-19 Medical Professionals

If you are a doctor or other medical professional with a health-compromising condition that could result in long-term disability or death if you are exposed to patients with COVID-19, be forewarned: insurance companies are beginning to challenge claims filed by medical professionals seeking disability benefits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

Physician Disability and COVID-19

Many physicians who have underlying physical and mental health conditions cannot safely work in an environment where close contact with patients puts them at risk for developing complications from the Coronavirus. Insurance companies are closely scrutinizing claims for COVID-19-related long term disability compensation filed by high risk physicians and other medical professionals suffering from conditions such as:

The Importance of Legal Representation During the Claims Process

Filing for long-term disability benefits is a complex process that, if not undertaken with care and precision, can result in an increase in denials and drawn-out appeals. In the current climate of COVID-19, there is a good deal of resistance by insurance companies to pay out claims to at-risk physicians, one underlying theory being that they are not yet disabled as they have not yet contracted the Coronavirus. This reasoning puts physicians in the impossible position of having to actually contract a disease that has a high likelihood of causing their death in order to assert that they meet the criteria for compensation under their disability insurance policies. 

How the Disability Attorneys at Seltzer & Associates Can Help Medical Professionals During the Coronavirus

If you are a healthcare provider who is contemplating filing or has filed a claim for disability due to COVID-19, we strongly urge you to call our offices right away so our experienced attorneys can: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your disability policy terms
  • File your physician disability claim in a manner that ensures all relevant information is thoroughly and properly collected, communicated, and preserved for appeal 
  • See your case through the appeals process, should that become necessary

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